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Facts about Hip Hip Music

Listening to music is one of the most comforting things in life. Stressed people tend to go for the latest music to comfort their souls. One of the most listened music is hip hop. This music comprises of deejaying, rapping with some graffiti painting. Hip hop music is mostly used to comfort peopw who have been left by their loved ones. This kind of music originated in New York around South Bronx section in the late 1970s. The graffiti and the break dancing tat is associated with hip hop music made it popular created a lot of attention to the public. This is when hip hop music started becoming popular. The graffiti movement was started by a young star, a Greek American in 1972. They painted on the walls around New York using their names and other comic names. The hip hop dancing and deejayimh was highly contributed by the art which was formed by the teens in New York. Do you know the first hip hop deejay was Clive Campbell who was 18years old then. This teen also introduced sound systems during inner parties. Later, other deejays emerged and how they were able to have a flow of music during parties. They also got dancers who improvised different dancing styles. You could see them with airborne moves, heads pins and backspin. With time, the deejays developed alot of deejaying techniques which contributed to the love of hip hop.

The Grandmaster flash that created needle dropping was making music interesting. The deejays could play two copies at the same time. What they is, they use dto move one needle on one turntable back while the other is been played. This was the best way of sliding the record back. This created an amazing rhythm that was called scratching. Kool Herc is the best known for modern rapping. Best for rhythmical poems. Other musicians introduced other styles on rhythm and blues deejaying. There are other hip hop music that were introduced for the modern generation. There are tje major rapping expert who are being emulated by the current hip hop musicians. The first hip hop rap was enjoyed in the United States which was the Sugarhill Gang’s song around 1979. This song realy gave pop industry a name. The pioneers of this first song made sure it has been heard by everybody.

To wide up, this article has highted some of the vital facts about hip hop music. Where it started and and experts who contributed to its growth. Apart from this, there is so much that you should know about hip hop music. If you love hip hop music, make the internet your friend and you will be able to know everything. Having history and facts about hop music is beneficial if you want to have a list of great hip hop music. You can get hip hop music from the internet and many other online platforms. Don’t get bored with the amazing hip hop music around. You can dedicate to your loved ones or have a chill over the weekend as you listen.

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